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Meet Yamuna Devi

Yamuna Devi is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Yoga Therapy Instructor, Licensed Esthetician and the Director of Om Ayurveda Wellness. 

Yamuna is devoted to teaching the practical and profound applications of Ayurveda for disease prevention and for improvement in quality of life. In her practice Yamuna integrates and teaches the principles of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation for a holistic and balanced approach to achieving physical, mental and emotional well-being. She is a Professional Member of the National Ayurveda Medical Association.

My Specializations

By applying the principles of Ayurveda I help you to restore and maintain balance, detoxify and rejuvenate, in the midst of a life transition to be nurtured back to balance, reconnect with your inner bliss, and open to a vision of a new path ahead.

Weight Loss

Women’s Health

Digestion Disorders

Stress & Tension

Sleep Disorders

Hormonal Imbalance

What Clients Say

"I was searching for a natural approach to health and well-being and I am so glad I went on my first consultation with Yamuna. Since then, I have been following her treatments and have seen many improvements in areas like digestion, sleep, anxiety eating, stress and weight management. She has a methodical and kind approach and has guided me on my path to a healthier and happier life."

Claudia Camacaro


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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